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Watch as our very own Katherine serenades Norman (and Sean!)

The Reedusluts were out in force at Fright Night Fandom Fest, this is only a small highlight. You can also see the Norman's eye view of this moment on his twitter! @wwwbigbaldhead


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Every Wednesday at 12 pm EST our submission box opens up for that week's flip off Friday gif pics. It remains open until 11pm EST Thursday night. Only submissions received in the linked box will be used.


I think almost all of us probably want Norman to come to bed with us, but sadly, it's not gonna happen. Doesn't mean we can't sing about it anyways... Want to be part of a fun lip synching video? Click here for more info!


We are currently holding a fanart contest. It is not based on artistic skill nearly so much as creativity. So show some Norman love and make your best effort at any form of art. Send a pic to our submit box before June 31. Prizes TBA.